The ABR wanted to deal with numerous data architecture challenges across its network and build a data lake that incorporated flawlessly with Sales force.


0scale set up a multi-layer data lake on Amazon S3, also protected integration that allow the ABR to shift data between diverse sources.


The ABR’s data architecture is now more trustworthy, protected, and scalable entirely. Additionally, the company’s revamped landing zone can develop and integrate fresh technologies as required.

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Executive Summary

The full term of ABR refers to American beureu of radiology that is especially dedicated to advancing the science of radiology for the perk of patients and society at broader evil. Since it’s originated, the company has grown to be the representative of over 20000 radiologist, international radiologist, radiation oncologist, nuclear medicine physician and medical physicist.

ABR was in search of a long term loyal partner for a huge data architecture project to strengthen its data management abilities and growth possible through cloud utilization. 0scale stepped in to plan a new structural design and templates that would caters the bases for follow-on solutions.

The Challenge

ABR wanted us to take their IT data infrastructure to the next level by executing a data lake solution in the clout. The company recognized various areas of its legacy data architecture that it wanted to enhance.

First, ABR had example of explicative data across several environments, which inevitable that doing data analyses could be prolonged. Persons had to execute duplicative tasks, fulfill with numerous standards, and submit to different data sources for data analytic requirements. Several copies also destined excess storage and dealing out costs.

ABR workers would have to freely contact with disparate teams or groups to raise access to data assets for cross domain analysis. There was no one data catalog with detailed metadata accessible to assist discovery process and efficient data across all data assets.

Data integration tasks could need different data transformation via ETLs, normally gathering loads of data sets to generate new repositories from the processing perspective. When it comes to the security front, they wanted to execute column level permissions in the several environments to provide enhancingly fine grained access to specifically sensitive data that are governed by a range of regulatory standards.

To complete this next generation solution, they planned to leverage a cloud based data infrastructure, they wanted to make a landing zone for the first step in the process. After the completion of these elements, ABR would move with the data lake MVP.

The organization concluded that its best path forward was to associate with a cloud services contributor that could offer guidance over a longevity data architecture project. 0scale, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, was the perfect choice.

The Solution

With the assistance of 0scale’s, ABR was able to build up a landing zone that would provide as the initial point for the company’s cloud infrastructure.

ABR could logically divide HIPAA-compliant workloads from other workload kinds to help in protecting the data. The company’s IT team was able to apply automated cloud governance controls at this moment across its landing zone, effective for both time and resources saving with no compromising functionality.

It is now simpler to execute user access controls for secured data, therefore falling both the risk and time-intensive environment of conduct compound analyses across different datasets. With federal logging, ABR has a solitary, incorporated source to track activities, which let it simpler to achieve diagnostics and outline activity.

Looking further on, ABR has a commanding foundation on which to raise its cloud infrastructure.

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