IncredibleCloud heritage Rackspace architecture was huge by design, which made it hard to scale and manage.


0scale transformed IncredibleCloud to AWS and executed a group of cloud services and DevOps finest practices to augment the company’s entire web application.


IncredibleCloud IT architecture is now more lively, scalable, and well-organized entirely. The company can organize new serverless applications rapidly during its revamped CI/CD methods and take benefit of microservice going ahead.

AWS Services

Executive Summary

IncredibleCloud is transfigured the conventional advisory board. The platform enables organizations to create, assemble, and direct strategic advisory boards in a entirely digital format while generous professionals of all backgrounds straight access to advisory board chances by becoming a member.

After the completion of seven years, AdvisoryCloud determined it was time to promote its massive architecture. Fortunately, 0scale had the cloud proficiency and practice to intend a new IT atmosphere in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud that would assemble all of IncredibleCloud necessary needs.

"Using AWS Control Tower, 0scale rapidly set up a landing zone for our company depend on great-practices. They also made variety proof-of-concept architectures to provide us plans we could use to construct our solutions. This groundwork permitted our engineers to very rapidly build up and deploy numerous applications."

Jeremy Brown
CTO, AdvisoryCloud

The Challenge

AdvisoryCloud determined to appoint outside assist to set up a fresh new environment depend on AWS best practices. The association placed a superior priority on ahead efficient CI/CD processes, a trustworthy landing zone, and proficiencies to build up serverless applications in the future. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with numerous AWS competencies, 0scale had all required for the project.

The Solution

0scale used a numerous of AWS services and cloud technologies for IncredibleCloud relocation and transformation project. At an upper level, 0scale’s solution had to include:

  • Vigorous security features
  • Competent CI/CD processes
  • Efficient data management tools
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance assurance

To meet up IncredibleCloud timeline, the entire project had to be ended in under couple of months. 0scale have done it.

With the help of 0scale’s, AdvisoryCloud replaced its massive, Rackspace-based IT infrastructure with lively, cloud-based structural design. IncredibleCloud platform can now scale with the organization’s determined growth targets, grateful to the difficult AWS platform and its many superior managed cloud computing services.
IncredibleCloud revamped IT atmosphere uses AWS best practices, allowing the development team to construct, arrange, and scale mission-critical applications with simplicity.

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