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Cloud-based technologies are troublesome in the education sector in lots of ways. Educational companies that opt for these technologies can offer unique learning experiences and superior outcomes. 0scale helps EdTEch organizations and higher education institutions understand their purposes on the cloud and execute solutions competent of flourishing over the long term.

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With 0scale And AWS

Decrease IT Costs

Evade overpaying for IT resources, competence, and infrastructure by scaling your costs with real-time order or usage.

Perk up Agility

Build up custom education platforms, features, and applications that are proficient, flexible, and easy to balance, even in the busiest period of the school years.

Exploit Security

Remain research findings, PHI, student information, and other precious data secure while complying with the most recent educational regulations and standards.

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Experience across All Areas of Education

0scale brought the Education proficiency from AWS after indicating technical proficiency and transferring effectively cloud solutions across the education sector. We’ve designed infrastructure, established applications, and executed processes for a various range of customers that includes those in academic research, higher education, and education technology.

Specially engineered expertise for All Project Types

We’re zealous concerning helping leaders in education develop SaaS applications, scalable data repositories, tailored learning experiences, and additional depend on the most recent cloud deployment best practices. Our expert has the expertise and knowledge to handle all types of organizations, from agile EdTech startup businesses to research institutions, state-wide public colleges, and universities.

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